Nga, Trung Quốc, Ấn Độ có giải pháp thay mạng lưới chuyển tiền SWIFT do Mỹ kiểm soát

  • , 00:15 Date 30/09/2019
  • With the speed of the technology consulting service, Thanh Cong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd has become a reliable destination in the market for your company, business and individual. To meet that requirement, Thanh Cong Vietnam has built up a dynamic team of enthusiastic and thoughtful employees and gradually established its position in the market as well as in customers' hearts.

    Thanh Cong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd was established by enthusiastic people who have the ability and experience in different fields of business and wish to establish and develop a company professionally and professionally. in Vietnam.

    Although the latter is late, the experience in the field of customer service, marketing, brokerage, market survey and related services is not inferior to any other company. Thanh Cong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd brings together many leading foreign experts in the industry, have a broad vision and talented Vietnamese people with expertise. In addition, Thanh Cong Vietnam also owns a team of dedicated customer care staff, professional, always devoted to customers in order to bring the most satisfaction.

    Come to us, your business, individuals will experience the consulting service extremely effective. Thanh Cong Vietnam always committed to customers "Not effective, no money", so customers are completely assured when using our services.

    With the motto "Future Orientation", Thanh Cong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd will help customers open a new horizon, a new source of lighting success. Thanh Cong Vietnam will help customers realize their dreams.

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